Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to manage our creative process

Elizabeth Gilbert teaches us how to manage our creative process. The paradigm that creative people is very connected with “other side of ourselves” which is really counts the career of the creative people, is actually bounced by her point of view. She said that the creativity mind which is connected with the other side of the people shouldn’t colonize the actual normal mind of people, which makes our live be in the normal human being. As long as it takes in the “flow” of our creativity, then just do it, but when it’s not, just do the job as creative people.

This is a very interesting point of view from Elizabeth Gilbert as a creative people. She doesn’t believe that creative people life should be near with drugs, alcohol, or other type of things and activities which are actually destructive lifestyle to bring out the “other side of us”, or our “genius” of creativity to pop out. She denied that all creative people are related to that, and she doesn’t want to. She engaged creative people to still be creative and not haunted by the judgment and lifestyle.

Many creative theory or philosophy explained that creative mind is actually ruled by “the other side of us” which is “our creativity mind” and separate with the normal mind. In Greek, it usually called the “genius” mind. This theory actually believed by the old Greek and Roman view. So, the creative people actually can just excuse themselves if their creative works or result doesn’t appear to be good on his/her and other people’s point of view. They just blame their “genius”ness are appears on lameness or bad condition.

The other view of creativity, tells that our creative mind is actually pulsed by other people creative work, or we usually called creative hero/worship of other people creative work. This is actually not a right to view our creative thinking too because; it will “swallow the sun” up of the creative hero works that we worship. We just like being their occupant to our creative hero’s vessel that wouldn’t express our creative originality which would lead to another confusion and self destruction.

Many cases, especially creative people cases on the West, had ended their career on self-depression an self destructiveness, because of the wrong point of view and low knowledge of creative process and management. Elizabeth describes, it would occur very hard for them, and it occurs in very large number of creative people, especially in America. This paradigm would lead the image of creative people as, a full depression people, with ongoing creative impulses that torched them, close with death by depression, and self suicide in young age.

Elizabeth believes that first; our creative mind is actually come originally from ourselves and “the other side of us” which is usually called our “genius” or the creative mind, is actually not come from ourselves. She believes that it comes from God. She took examples in other place in the world such as Africa, about the dancers and the musician who perform there. Along the performance, they would call “Allah, Allah” which means “God, God”. In many other countries, it already changed to “Ole” in Spain, “Bravo”, or other type of expression which actually express the existence of God.

So, Elizabeth gives us how to manage our creativity is by believing that the creativity actually come from ourselves as a creative professional, and not by the impulses which came from “the other side of us” which is our “genius” or creative mind which only pops out uncertainly, that would lead to a thinking that, our creativity is “behind us”. The “mood” and/or ideas of our creative minds are actually involved God, but not actually the core of our creativity process. So, if the “mood” and/or the ideas don’t pop out, just remember about our professionalism as a creative people to “just do your job”.

“If you’re a dancer, just do your dance, and if it involves the “God”, and then just “Ole!” If it’s not, just do your job.” –Elizabeth Gilbert-

Professionalism is truly the key of creativity, or other type of job. That’s why Allah SWT really loves their “umat/people/followers” to be professional in all aspects of life, especially in serving the needs of other people. Subahanallah.

*Elizabeth Gilbert is the writer of the book Eat, Pray, Love.

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